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Dear Susan,


We have one of your puppies. We live in CT and have had her for more than 10 years now. You shipped her to Bradley Airport/Hartford. She’s been a wonderful pet and friend. Her name is Molokai, but we call her Molly. She’s a gray and white. She’s everything we expected and tons more! The words you used were, “I breed couch potato kind of huskies”, and she lives true to that statement. Though she loves to run when she can, she can easily adapt to being inside during the winter months.

Can't tell you how thrilled we've been to have Molly with us. She’s an amazing dog and I can’t begin to count how many people begged us for one of her puppies. They were really disappointed to learn she had been spayed and never had puppies. Our journey with her is not over yet and we hope to enjoy several more years with her.  I guess I've written you just to be in touch and let you know how grateful we are that we found your kennel advertisement many years ago.  We may be looking for another dog in the future and I'm glad I've found your site.  Thanks for a truly amazing, beautiful, gentle and loving pet.  Regards, Karen and Chris, Danbury, CT (formerly Waterbury, CT) 


BACKGROUND:  This family was affected by Katrina and so Sampson had to go live with a relative for a while:

On his first night home, Samson, woke me up, off and on all night long, wanting to go into his yard.  He comes and gently paws at me when I am asleep to let him out.
I guess he just couldn't believe that he was finally home and we had missed him sooooo much.  He bonded with my mother and she absolutely loves him.  He is so funny, he is all over my mom when she comes over.
I know you told me that these dogs have sensitive stomachs, but he loves popcorn.  If I don't give it to him he puts his paw in my lap, then his head in my lap.  He also loves cashews and chex mix.  I cannot eat any of these things without sharing with him.  He is such a joy and has a wonderful personality--not high strung or hyper, and very protective.
Jeannine and Kyle
Waveland, MS

Cinnamon loves the outdoors and runs and plays in the plants and has mastered the stairs (both up and down).  Cinnamon also likes to chew on the plants especially those with flowers.  She uses the "attack-bite a limb-retreat method" and scampers to the next interesting thing.  She also discovered pinecones and thinks they are quite a prize.  The neighbors think she is about the cutest pup they have seen (we do too).
Ann & John

Dear Susan-  I hope your winter has been pleasurable for you.  I am writing  to update you as Denali and the litter turn 1 this coming week. Denali is doing just great, she is more and more beautiful by the day..inside and out!  She has a gorgeous coat, it is the softest of all our dogs, and her personality is the sweetest thing I know.  Prior to Denali there must have been a hole in our lives that she has now so beautifully filled. She is one of the best behaved of our 6 and full of love. I have to share one personality trait with you that maybe you will recognize(?) because Kiva, our almost 14 yr old, that we also got from you has the same behavior..although I know they share no similar bloodlines.  When I hug Kiva she always puts her head under my chin and presses up, as if pushing contact, a returned hug of sorts.  It has been one of the most endearing trait of hers.  Through nothing that I knowingly have done, Denali does the same thing!  None of our other pups do, just Kiva and now Denali.  When she first started it, I couldn't believe it. Do you recognize this behavior in your dogs?? Anyhow, we are all very happy although the winter has been low on snow here.  Denali has been added to the three on the sled once..just last week end and she happily ran for maybe a half mile.  It was great.  I will send along a picture soon. She is about the size of my other two females and a little shorter than Kiva, but she is still growing.  Thank you for all that you do make such wonderful puppies. 
Best wishes,  Jan

Hi Susan,
I am the owner of Keno who we bought from you about 12 years ago. He is doing great. He still acts like he is 5 and loves to play. I was wondering if you have a mailer or something to let me know when you have a litter of puppies. I will be looking for another dog in about a year 
Narragansett, RI

Hi, Sue!
My husband and I bought a pup from you a long time ago, Mississippi Taz.  When Taz came home, we had 3 cats with whom she got along very well..  Then, two years ago we bought a second puppy from you whom we named Sunshine.  Words cannot express the love and joy they have brought into our lives.
I am sorry to inform you that Taz has passed away.  Sunshine is helping us with our grief but, she, too, is grieving.  Taz was a VERY special dog with almost human like characteristics.  She has made our lives so happy for so many years but right now there is an emptiness in our hearts and in our home. 
We are not ready for another puppy at this time. However, we will probably get one in the future because we cannot get enough of their special love and the funny things they do and the way they make you laugh. I will let you know when we are ready.  I would never consider getting a puppy from anyone else. Your dogs are exceptional.  They have such loving personalities, they are ever so charming, and their beauty is just unreal.  May God bless you and please keep doing what you do best.
Bob, Nancy, & Sunshine
Palm Coast, Fla.

I hope things are ok with you and your family. Tikaani is doing wonderfully, she is such a joy.

Take care,
Heather & Stephen
Burlington, Ma.

I see where Ayla gets her wonderful loving personality.  I assure you, when we look for more Siberians, if you still have them, we will come to you.  Also, we would be happy to give references as to the wonderful personality of Ayla to anyone.  While she has grown into a stunning beauty, her personality and sweetness is what makes her special and that is due to you.

Thanks, Nita, Louisiana


Finally developed a few pictures of Levi. He's grown - to say the very least. I took him to the vet the first of May and he was already 26.5 lbs. We've also been in puppy kindergarten for a few weeks now learning how to sit, down, stay, and leave it [our favorite and most useful command so far.] To be a breed that's "difficult" to train, he sure is giving the "highly trainable" labs in our class a run for their money. It's been fun for both of us. I've attached a few pictures for you from April. 
Chantel from Mississippi



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